Comparison of Our Proposed Legend of the First Elangomat with the Order’s Original Legend

The Order’s original Legend contains many lines that are important to us and thus need to be somehow retained, even though the original Legend must be eliminated due to its objectionable misappropriation of Indian Lore.

Our proposed Legend of the First Elangomat parallels the Order’s original Legend in some significant ways. In both cases, a request is made for volunteers but only a single person is willing. This person, Uncas in the original Legend and Eddie in the historical Legend of the First Elangomat, is put forward as an example for the candidates and members hearing the words. Eddie, as the first person to be an Elangomat, makes a better role model for candidates and members than Uncas. Elangomat is an example-setting role, but Uncas seems more like a military recruiter. Eddie was a youth Scout. Uncus was an adult American Indian. Candidates can choose to follow Eddie’s example and volunteer to be an Elangomat. But they cannot volunteer to do something equivalent to the role of Uncas.

In crafting the wording of our Legend of the First Elangomat, we have copied or paralleled many phrases from the original Legend.

Please note that the story of Eddie is a nearly unknown but genuine part of the history of the Order of the Arrow.

Here is a download that shows the text of the two legends side-by-side.

Download: Elangomat Legend Side-By-Side with Original Legend v07

For the complete text of our proposed ceremony, see Our Proposed OA Membership Ceremony

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