Proposed Revisions to the Ten Induction Principles

The Ten Induction Principles were written over 40 years ago. They have served us well. However, there are a few elements of good inductions work that were not included simply because we had limited experience with inductions based on positive experiences and example setting,

We propose that the following ideas be added to the Ten Induction Principles training. Some combination of added training points, added explanatory text for existing principles, changes to existing principles, or new principles is required

  1. We do service projects in the Order for the impact on our personal development. Actual service accomplished is secondary.
  1. No projects for which there are safety issues arising from silence are appropriate for candidates and their Elangomats at an Ordeal.
  1. Adults are not selected for membership in the Order as an honor. However, they are selected so that they can experience the Ordeal much as Scouts do, both to understand the program, and for their personal growth. Projects that require talking are not appropriate just because the candidates are adults.

Also, consider at what point in time the Ten Induction Principles were formulated by the CAG. The Elangomat System had not yet spread beyond a handful of lodges in Florida, and the prior CAG members had not yet had any experience with it. So although the Elangomat concept was known by the CAG as it developed the Ten Induction Principles, none of those principles required or even made any reference to it.

So today we have Ten Induction Principles which do not include any guidance for the Elangomat System, which has become the core of the modern Ordeal.

So the following document proposes that there are additional principles which apply very specifically to the how an Elangomat Ordeal must be conducted.

Link to Ideals of the Elangomat System

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