Song: An Elangomat’s Sound of Silence

To the tune of “Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel
Words by Bill Hartman, Elangomat Founder

Hello darkness, my old friend
I will not talk until the end [1]
because a vision softly creeping
in my night alone while sleeping [2]
and that vision – an Ordeal that’s well spent
within the sound of silence.

On paths and trails, they’ll follow me
join in service eagerly
with my scant food, I’ll be content [3]
they’ll know the depth of my true intent.
But none will know of the quests within my soul [4]
my inner goals
hidden in the sound of silence.

For they do not know the cheer [5]
of leading others to see clear.
Have a life that finds its meaning
helping others see what they’re seeking.
For to learn of joy [6]
they must see it in our lives
hear forest sighs [7]
murmuring the sounds of silence.

[1] The Elangomat, like most, makes a pact with himself to try not to talk at all until the end of the Ordeal.
[2] He has a dream, a vision, during his night alone and awakes remembering it. A dream of doing a good job setting an example for his candidates the following day.
[3] Scant food is the litmus test for the Elangomat. Both his self-testing (it is the easiest for him to cheat on), and his relationship with his candidates (it is the capstone of his complete emersion in the Ordeal with them). And thus they will “know the depth of his true intent”.
[4] The candidates are focused on themselves and are ignorant of the fact that their Elangomat is also going through an experience. An experience that may include setting goals/quests for himself, as well as introspection and even judgment. Silence prevents them from knowing any of this, until they themselves become Elangomats in the future.
[5] The Elangomat realizes that he has a completely different perspective on service than the typical candidate. It makes him happy. It likely makes some of them unhappy.
[6] He realizes that to pass along this way of real happiness and success in life that the Order reveals, they must see his joy in his doing things that they probably do not associate with joy.
[7] “Love the wind among the branches, every mummering, ever sighing” (quote from the pre-Ordeal ceremony). The candidates must not only see his example but also listen to God in the sounds of nature.

It is interesting to note that in the Simon and Garfunkel song, silence is a negative force that divides people. In this song, silence is a positive force that encourages inner thoughts and thus provides an atmosphere for growth.

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