Quest for the Arrow Journal

This is a booklet that you can give to your new Ordeal members to help them focus on what they learned in their Ordeal and the application of their lessons learned to their units. It asks your new members to fill in some answers to a few questions after each campout. Above is a sample page from the booklet. it focuses on the camping and campfire experiences as the way to spread the principles of the Order and Scouting to their fellow Scouts.

Below is a link to download the complete booklet, which includes not only campout journal pages like the above, but also similar pages for campfires. It is hoped that they will realize that even an informal troop or patrol gathering around a fire is a “real Scout campfire”, worthy of attention and improvement. And a source of Scout Spirit.

Ideally, the Ordeal member will take this with them when they go up for Brotherhood.

Since the booklet explicitly states that it is optional, its use does not violate OA policies. By comparison, your lodge is not allowed to make any changes to the ceremonies.

Download: Quest for the Arrow Journal

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