Monograph on Indian Culture in the OA

It is the purpose of this paper to review the Order’s history with Native American culture and detail potential issues remaining to be addressed.

Our perspective is supportive of Native American tribes, individuals, and culture. Which means opposition to any stated or implied false claims of being or association with Native Americans, and any inappropriate use of their religious symbols. But also support for continuing to teach about Native American culture in the OA and BSA.

Exploration of Native American customs is of genuine value to those learning such history and practices, even among those who do not have Native American ancestry in their own families. It is also of true value to the Nations to share those customs that they are willing to share, when accepted respectfully, particularly as a means of promoting concern for Native Americans, their history, and their cultures. Although the Order has invested real work to avoid inappropriate practices, initiating significant changes to its programs, the Order still maintains some objectionable practices.


Partnerships between local lodges and Native Americans have increased as the Order matures, and there are processes in place to assure tribal leaders that their cultures are not misrepresented. But our ceremonial texts continue to have significant issues which must be fixed.

Download the full pdf document: Monograph on Indian Culture in the OA v10

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